Interior colors

Interior color refers to the colors that is used in the interior space. In interior design, it will be considered the color planning to harmonize with furniture, curtains, carpets and etc. I think color is one of important factors in determining the image of the whole house. Depending on which color people match, a narrow space can turn into an open space or a narrow space may be more narrow.  People can feel depressed, tired, or feel better while they stay in the interior due to the inherent energy and persistence of colors.


Interior elements in 2017

There interior design trends can be predictable in some areas. Color can be the direction of various lifestyle. Especially, greenery is a color reminiscent of a dense forest with green and mellow yellow that gives a warm feeling. Greenery combines with the dark wood color create  an atmosphere that seems to have replaced forest. As interest in lifestyle increases, there is a growing awareness of good products and designs.


Things that lead interior design

Nowadays, the house is no longer a sleeping place. It is popular and spreading to introduce and share a beautifully decorated house on the social media such as Instagram. As more people are interested in the interior, the number of actual houses that invite friends or families to their homes is increasing. Also, as indoor activities are increased, it is focused on the interior that makes the house more comfortable and enjoyable as social spaces. For example, a person who live alone or with someone prepares a dining table or a comfortable sofa that can be seated by a large number of people when they open for guests’ invitations. Furthermore, the room is also being changed to be multipurpose for many people. So DIY furniture and accessories such as wooden furniture from the workshop are popular. As people desire to have own space that filling their personality, they make handmade small items for interior. The environmental friendly interior gives the impression of bringing nature into the interior. It is because the number of people who want to feel healing of nature in the house is increasing. The fact that indoor and outdoor activities such as watching movies at outdoor camping areas or making indoor garden are becoming trend. In order to look nature, people place more plants in their homes with furniture or plugging flowers into unique vases. Even if they do not grow plants, they are looking for botanical patterns that inspired by plants such as leaves, flowers, and trees.

 In 2016, interior and design trends were cost-effectiveness and simplicity. The upcoming trend of 2017 will be expected to be driven by consumers’ initiative based on relaxation to cure tired minds. The natural green and dark purple which can give a peace of mind also decorate an axis of interior design. In 2017, I think the importance of home is greater than previous years, and the interior trend is centered on the house where it can be relaxed and more comfortable. People who are stressed and anxious due to various social and economic issues are actively seeking rest in places such as houses and cafes. The interior is expected to attract the material and design that gives a warm feeling. Effective, nature-friendly patterns and designs will be engaged with people who are interested in interior design. Flexibility in a limited space becomes important due to the variety of family configurations, and material using cloth such as wood or woven fabrics is expected to become popular. The use of wood, fabric, and leather seems to stand out in order to maintain a warm and comfortable sensibility in everyday life in cutting-edge technology. Overall, the emphasis is on semi-gloss or matte materials rather than high-gloss, and the comfort of a fluffy rug is expected to be the main focus.

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